Good book to read since it’s not that dense and although civilization has changed dramatically since then the meaning and fundamentals still stand like they did back then.

One of the important elements of the book is the understanding of your enemy but also the understanding of yourself.

Also there lies strength in the ability of being flexible and adapting to continuous changing circumstances. Furthermore realizing that sometimes choosing not to fight is your best option.

As always i’ll share some memorable sentences or quotes that stood out to me:

Move not unless you see an advantage, use not your troops unless there is something to be gained, fight not unless the position is critical.

Throw your soldiers into positions whence there is no escape, and they will prefer death to flight. If they will face death, there is nothing they may not achieve.

Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys, look upon them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even in death.

Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move fall like a thunderbolt.

To summarize: Okay book doesn’t take a lot of time to read however it will take some time to let the ideas seep through your mind, it was something different but i enjoyed it nonetheless.

SCORE: 6/10